Frequently Asked Questions

iControl TV is an IPTV platform that offers a range of multimedia and entertainment services including IPTV, VOD, SVOD, VOIP and internet.

iControl TV services are delivered via our signature Android-based STB (Set Top Box) aka The FaST Box and direct OTT stream on your Android or iOS phone.

Anyone with access to the internet and a valid subscription to any of our packages can access iControl TV via our FaST Box (Set Top Box) or a smartphone.

No. You can only use our signature STB (The FaST Box). It’s purposely built and serves as an enabler to grant you access to the services provided by iControl TV.

To distinguish ourselves from the rest of the pack, our services aren’t based on visual entertainment alone. We also provide onscreen shopping, games, access to various internet services and the ability to use your favorite Android-based applications (like Netflix and YouTube) on our platform. Isn’t that amazing?

All you need is an internet cable you can connect to a router. Make sure to get a subscription package, connect the FaST Box to your TV set (any TV with AV or HDMI input) and you are on your way to experiencing a whole new world of entertainment.

We recommend you have a minimum speed of 2 megabits per second (Mbps). A higher Mbps connection is recommended for the best 4K experience.

Not at all, our platform supports the various TV models from smart TVs to CRT TVs, LED TVs and flat screen TVs.

Yes, there are in-house payments for you to access some content, and we offer a once-off payment for this content. Other than content, our onscreen shopping allows users to purchase gift items from their TV screen and have them delivered.

This all depends on the content you are consuming at the time.

First, you have to sign up on our website and click on the ‘buy now’ icon. Then, just follow the instructions to complete your payment.

No. Once your payment is successful, your services will be activated in 5-20 minutes. You can send us an email if services are not active after payment within 24 hours.

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